TheCatalog.Online overview

Welcome to TheCatalog.Online!

You have a PDF catalog, price list, or e-magazine. But who do you get it to your clients?

Our service takes care of that! Its primary purpose is to provide the most convenient access to your PDF catalogs, price lists, and other documents.

How can published documents be used?
Here's what you can do with documents:
  • Download them
  • View them in a browser
  • Flip through them like a book
  • Share them on social media
  • Send them via messengers
  • Embed them on your website
  • Send them by e-mail
What's the result?
Using our service automatically generates a:
  • Company page
  • Document gallery
  • Page for each document
Search engines index everything perfectly, which increases the flow of customers to your publications and website.
Basic operations (available in the menu)
Catalogs and price lists can be created and uploaded automatically to TheCatalog.Online from MyBusinessCatalog.